Sorg, Trolldom, Vinter

by Angmaer

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"Sorg, Trolldom, Vinter, may be the finest piece of music Angmaer has written! This says a lot, being the composer of Eternally Enthroned's excellent EP "The Gate" it surely surpasses that." - Edgar Flores, Maldicion/Anglachel

"Overall Angmaer's work has moved away from the general work we see with Eternally Enthroned and potentially bettered it in some aspects. The entire EP flows perfectly and is definitely a release worth more than the £4 that is being asked of for purchase. Angmaer's solo project is certainly one to look out for in the future and I really look forward to more releases." - Marc Cope, Nevarym/Militia Inc

"...full of exceptional guitars, lamenting vocals, and an interesting ambient/folk touch..." "This solo black metal opus begins it's journey into the void with a short track, which really sets the scene for the rest of this EP. Full of powerful guitar work matched with pounding drums..." - Hester Aspland


released December 11, 2014

Guitars, vocals, composition, production, artwork by Angmaer (Oscar Taylor)
Production by Demigoriath (Dorian García Hernández)



all rights reserved


Angmaer England, UK

Angmaer is a Black Metal band from Wolverhampton, England. Founded as a one-man band and evolving into a four piece force of aggression, power and melancholie.

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Track Name: The Soul Of Lizbeth
Part I

Darkened skies enshroud these forests,
Of enchanted night and dreams,
My peaceful spirit freely rests,
And my soul lays faithfully,

The stars that illuminate the night - Oh, darkness
Are just false illusion - A spell
To walk the path my soul quivers - To oblivion
The prize for her soul leads me on - Black witch

The Soul Of Lizbeth is corrupting me,
the sweet pure innocence is darkened
The Soul Of Lizbeth is destroying thee,
Satan's witch is the fire without light,

Her breath is the creeping wind,
her blood is the lake's water,
her hair is the falling leaves,
her mind is everything,

Darkness, I wait time and time again - The purest blackness
Shadows lay on the soil beyond the cross - Eternal moonlight
Buried beneath the frozen ground - The old bones
Suicide to transcend into spiritual form - Phantom...

Part II

My spirit turns into a void,
A void where everything I am goes,
I fade away into this pit of darkness,
My life drains into oblivion,

Wide awake, breathing this thin air,
She tempts me to go on...
To the next stage of life,
To the heavens high above,
Though my children upon this soil,
Need their souls and guidance,
I am of a great power,
And I do not wish to leave,

Part III

Descending to the fires of hell,
I am lost, destroyed, dead,
Lizbeth has taken me,
Into the void!

Lizbeth, the queen of destruction,
Lizbeth, the master of all,
Lizbeth, goddess of confusion,
Lizbeth, Satan's whore,
Track Name: Night's Eternal Cry
Part I

Moonlight and shadows, lay across the land,
and speaks to me from a spiritual ascendent,
far beyond the dust covered trees,
there is a voice calling me,

Night's eternal cry, breathes in the shattering wind,
what will satisfy its darkest delights,
Night's eternal cry, summoning the souls of ancient,
come forth to the darkness and bring mass chaos,

Part II

I spoke to the deepest darkness,
she whispered back to me,
I brought the night an offering,
Though time had passed since the everlight,
I still feel her tears,
An eternity of suffering,
the only thing night fears,

Part III

Night is strong in the darkest light and the fires of blackness arise,
Strength and power return to her as the wind carries forth eternal darkness,
I can feel the grand summoning of Nocturnal plague,
Fear the night, the blackening of the world,

Night's eternal cry, breathes in the shattering wind,
what will satisfy its darkest delights,
Night's eternal cry, summoning the souls of ancient,
come forth to the darkness and bring mass chaos,
Track Name: Sorg, Trolldom, Vinter
Mørket og skyggen,
Fravær av lys,
Jeg er død,

Den svarte kunsten,

Snøen kommer,
Evige hvile,